Bijan the Clown

Once in a land,
There lived a funny man,
Who wore a jewel-studded crown.
But he was afraid of balloons,
And even of cartoons,
His name was Bijan the Clown.

He tried hard to be brave,
But he was just a slave
To the power and money he had found.
In the end the people saw,
That he was just a fraud,
His name was Bijan the Clown.

To show he had some muscle,
He silenced any tussle,
And locked up any threat that lay around.
He did it for he was weak,
Didn’t want to be thought meek,
This poor little Bijan the Clown.

When his people went to sleep,
That’s when he would weep,
Unsure of himself and insecure.
With no moral direction,
He fell to greed’s infection,
Bijan the Clown, polluted and impure.

Pink-lipped and pale-skinned,
He loved to dance and sing,
With the life and wife to whom he was bound.
He abandoned the land,
It turned to dust,
Its people ran,
So remember we must,
The sorry tale of Bijan the Clown.

28th November 2016

#FreeMaria #BebasMaria #MansuhSOSMA

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