TV Appearances

18th May 2015, on the 11th Malaysia Plan

A short clip from Bloomberg TV Malaysia interviewing me on the 11th Malaysia Plan that is due to be tabled in Parliament on Thursday, 21st May 2015. This is the final 5-year plan before Malaysia is supposed to accomplish its Vision 2020, set forth by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed during his tenure.

25th October 2013, Budget 2014 Special: Expert Analysis at

This is an hour-long post-budget programme, during which we responded to the 2014 budget. Most of the conversation centred upon the GST announcement.
Host : P Gunasegaram, Founding Editor of KiniBiz
1. Saifuddin Abdullah, CEO, Global Movement of Moderates
2.Tricia Yeoh, COO, IDEAS
3. Bob Kee, Executive Director, KPMG

3rd October 2013, Live on Al-Jazeera 

I was invited to give some comments on the controversial and newly-passed Prevention of Crime Act, which brings back measures of detention without trial of up to two years. This is equivalent to the Internal Security Act, which was earlier repealed.

23rd September 2013, Live on Astro Awani 

I was invited by Astro Awani to share my views on the Malaysian Education Blueprint, ahead of the 2014 Budget. Also with me as a guest was Dzameer Dzulkifli, co-founder of Teach for Malaysia (which is doing great things for Malaysian schools across the country).