The Spirit of Merdeka

The Spirit of Merdeka

Published by: Pusat Sepakat

Spirit of Merdeka cover

After the exciting and dramatic 2013 General Election, KEADILAN and Pakatan show that the new political landscape is here to stay. Yet many wonder, what does KEADILAN have to offer? Are there new and future leaders being built up within the party? Would it be a party truly embracing a new political culture or stuck with more of the same old politics of the past?

The book provides a platform for young KEADILAN leaders to offer ideas, proposals for solutions and policy discussion in line with the party’s reform agenda such as education, health, economy, environment, etc. They also present the ideological framework taken by the KEADILAN leaders in forming future leadership positions.

Book Title: The Spirit of Merdeka: A Collection of Essays by Young KEADILAN Leaders
Editors: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad & Tricia Yeoh 
Foreword: Nurul Izzah Anwar 

ISBN: 978-967-12132-0-9
Date of Publication: 15 November 2013
No. of Pages: 140 pages
Retail Price: RM 24.90