The Rights of The Dead

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In 2012, I had the opportunity of directing a documentary on the mysterious death of my ex-colleague at the Selangor State Government, the late Teoh Beng Hock. It was my first time doing anything related to film and the creative industry, so it was a real challenge. Nevertheless, it was fulfilling to tell the case that I was so involved in personally during my time there.

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For more information and updates, please check out The Rights of The Dead facebook page. The synopsis of The Rights of The Dead is below. View The Rights of The Dead trailer as a start.

The Rights of The Dead, 30 mins. (English, Malay and Chinese versions)

In July 2009, the mysterious death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock rocked the nation. His body was found outside the premises of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), where he was being held overnight for interrogation. The filmmaker was herself was a colleague of the deceased working in the Selangor State government. She tries to make sense of the inquest and royal commission of inquiry into his death and takes a critical look at the Malaysian system of government and politics that is ultimately responsible for ensuring justice for its citizens including those who died in custody or while in detention.

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  • Director/Writer: Tricia Yeoh
  • Director of Photography: Malek Abdullah
  • Sound: Jasper Huang, M. Ziyad Zainal, Foo
  • Editor: Yihwen Chen
  • Creative Consultants: Anna Har, Brenda Danker

The Rights of The Dead Full Documentaries

Please contact me directly to purchase DVDs of the documentary. The DVD contains all three language-versions in one.

English Version: The Rights of The Dead 


Malay Version: Mati Sebelum Ajal


Chinese Version: 亡者之权


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