A Black, Slimy Creature

There’s a black, slimy creature,
That eats away at your soul,
It’s a muddy, slippery thing,
That so quickly gets out of control.

The creature begins its life humble,
Presenting itself with a smile,
You allow it to feed on insatiable greed,
It sucks on your breasts like a child.

It crawls up your spine and enters your heart,
It makes you give up your ideals,
And soon you are wading in wealth untold,
For this creature your body conceals.

There’s a black, slimy creature,
That’s taken over your mind,
You blindly imprison the dreamers who dream
Of a world we’ve left so far behind.

The creature that lives in your blood,
Will leave you withered and weak,
One day you will search but never will find,
The solace and peace that you seek.

26th November 2016

#FreeMaria #BebasMaria #MansuhSOSMA #PoemsforMaria

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