Stand Watch

I have been rather affected by the arrest of Maria Chin Abdullah and the way in which she has been so wrongly incarcerated: in solitary confinement, a windowless cell, a plank of wood as a bed, two light bulbs that are on 24/7 to keep her awake, and blindfolded when she is brought from location to location.

Have not written verse in a while, but these have been coping mechanisms. This is the first of several.

Stand Watch

In shadows they laugh
As they pick through the pockets
Of national funds.

The shady darkness
Provides them some shelter
Before they soon shall run.

The millions, no, billions,
Of stolen treasure,
The people are blind and don’t see.

Stand watch over leaders,
Be vigilant always,
Hold tight and don’t let them flee.

25th November 2016

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