Recent Webinars on Covid-19

I spoke and moderated several IDEAS webinars recently, on Covid-19. I have published them on my website here. These may be useful for those following developments on how the Malaysian government is tackling the Covid-19 crisis. Thanks for following.

The two most recent ones are as follows:

Mitigating the Economic Downside of Covid-19, 27th March 2020

It discussed the steps that must be taken to deal with the negative impact that stems from the pandemic. This includes the support and protection for individuals and businesses affected.

Tricia Yeoh, Fellow, IDEAS

Dr Jayant Menon, Visiting Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Christopher Choong, Deputy Director of Research, Khazanah Research Institute
Dr Carmelo Ferlito, Senior Fellow, IDEAS
Rachel Gong, Senior Research Associate, Khazanah Research Institute

Covid-19 Stimulus Package: Delivering with Democracy, 9th April 2020

The unprecedented stimulus package of RM 260 billion suggests that the federal government is taking the best possible measures to mitigate economic and public health risks posed by COVID-19. However, in the absence of parliament oversight, open procurement systems, and strong state governments, this may lead to unchecked growth in the federal government’s executive power raising concerns about equity, transparency and accountability. How can we use the power of a functioning parliamentary democracy to make stimulus package effectively deliver its promises and what steps does Malaysia need to take?

Moderator: Aira Azhari Research Manager, IDEAS

Speakers: Lim Wei Jiet, Constitutional Lawyer

Tricia Yeoh, Fellow, IDEAS Former Chief Operating Officer

YB Wong Chen, MP for Subang

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